Thursday, March 24, 2016

Response to Terror

This is a response to a tragic event that occurred a couple of months ago- the murder of Dafna Meir
The news article can be found here

Read all of this.
This murder hasn't been mentioned by any non-Jewish news outlet. 
Those who are uneducated about the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, believe that Israelis just took the land from the Palestinians. Therefore, they conclude, it is acceptable for Palestinians to kill Israelis. There will be no retribution for their acts and no international concern.
The Balfour Declaration resulted in the land being divided between the Jews and the Palestinians. The Jews' coming to Israel was completely legal. The Jews were attacked by several Arab countries, but, to the world's shock, were able to not only win the war, but also to seize the West Bank (and the Sanai Peninsula, which they eventually gave back for peace). Israel has NO LEGAL OBLIGATION to leave the West Bank.
Blockade? Fence?
These wouldn't be issues if Hamas didn't have a hostile agenda towards Israel. Those who call for their removal are basically telling Israel that it doesn't have a right to protect itself. And we don't hear Egypt constantly being attacked for their blockade, even though it's blockade is much more stringent.
After Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005, Hamas, which is classified as a terroist organization by the European Union, Canada, Israel, Egypt, Japan, and the United States, acme the governing power. Israel, the US, Russian, UN and EU imposed economic sanctions on Gaza, including the cessation of foreign aid to the Palestinian government, and restrictions on movement, imposed by Israel. These sanctions would be lifted if Hamas renounce violence against Israel, recognize Israel, and honor all previous agreeemnts between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. Hamas never agreed to these terms.
Despite Hamas' call to kill the Israelis:
- "Israel continues to supply electricity and water to the Palestinian people. These plants are sometimes hit by the rockets fired by Hamas from within the Gaza Strip, cutting power to thousands."
- "Since the begining of 2013, over 20,000 truckloads of supplies from Israel have crossed into Gaza for consumption and use by the citizens. These supplies include meat, vegitables, canned foods, medical supplies, fuel, water, medical equipment, animal food, school supplies, and cosmetic products. The Palestinian Authority accuse Hamas of stealing thousands of liters of fuel from local Gazan companies and then telling the media that there is a fuel shortage. Fatah members also claim that Hamas is lying about the fuel shortage 'crisis' for propagandistic reasons."
- "Following Operation Cast Lead in 2008-2009, Israeli sources donated over $1 million in medical and humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip, in addition to 600 ambulances. Injured Palestinians were cared for in Israeli hospitals, and the border crossing was frequently used to get medical equipment and other necessary supplies to the strip."
"In the past, the Israeli government approved measures that would allow for a significant easing of the border blockade. The goal of this easing was to allow materials for infrastructure to be easily given to the Gaza Strip so the governing authorities could build public works projects such as schools, hospitals, community centers, and power plants."
"Late 2013 however saw humanitarian conditions deteriorate in Gaza as Egypt destroyed terror tunnels dug by Hamas that had been used to smuggle supplies and arms into the strip. The destruction of these tunnels had vast consequences across Gaza, with food prices rising at staggering rates and construction materials (and therefore jobs) nowhere to be found. Many Palestinians had jobs digging the tunnels, and the destruction of the tunnels by Egypt caused economic hardship for some people."
"Though much of the focus recently is on the Israeli side of the border, the Egyptians have imposed a much harsher and more devastating blockade. Israel has opened up it's border crossings and lessened the blockade on multiple occasions since Hamas has had control of Gaza, allowing for humanitarian aid and supplies as well as people to cross between. Israeli hospitals treat injured Gazans, and Israel continuously sends food, fuel, and other necessities over the border. Egypt however has maintained a tight and stringent blockade, rarely opening it's gates since the blockade began. While Israel frequently sends aid over the border, Egypt's border is closed to humanitarian aid."
(This info can be found here:…/tal…/62_Blockade.html)
The fence would not have to be built if the Palestinians weren't sending suicide bombers into Israel to target Israeli civilians.
There is so much to write about this. It is a shame that people even have to spend so much of their time defending what is written down in history. I am not referring to religious standpoints. I am referring to what went down in history for this to be a reality today- people are killed mercilessly and the international community doesn't care because it believes that the Israelis deserve it and shouldn't be expecting anything but.
I shouldn't have to be writing this out. I've copied and pasted so much of what I've written because it's already been written before. It's nothing new.
The causes are hatred and in-acceptance of the Jews living in Israel. Simple as that. Despite it being legal, despite the fact that israelis go out of their way, despite that other countries should be focused on... anything and everything the Israelis do... it's never good enough.
Share this. Share it because people won't hear about this. They will hear that Palestinians have been jailed, but they won't hear that they have been jailed for THIS. They won't hear the true tragedy from the media, because the media won't portray this as a tragedy.
There is no excuse for this behavior.

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