Saturday, March 29, 2014

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Gigantic Terror Tunnel Revealed by the IDF
Author: Dana Nasi

Last weekend, the IDF revealed a major terror tunnel dug by Hamas between the Gaza Strip and an area near Kibbutz Ein Shlosha. Now, the pictures of the terror tunnel have been published, which reveal that it was one of the largest and most sophisticated terror tunnels dug in order to abduct Israelis.

A week after being revealed, a glance into the terror tunnel in Gaza was provided today.  IDF forces exposed an advanced terror tunnel near Kibbutz Ein Shlosha, which is close to the Gazan border. 

The exposed terror tunnel was dozens of meters longs.  It was covered in concrete on all sides.  Throughout the tunnel, electric cables and light sockets were detected.  At the end of the tunnel, an area appeared where terrorists planned to go and implement terrorist attacks or to kidnap Israelis.

A senior level Israeli military official stated over the weekend that the terror tunnel, which was at a depth of about 20 meters, was found to be well-equipped with tools and generators, indicating that it was used very recently.  “Hamas is very much under pressure,” the senior level Israeli military official stated, adding that the revealed terror tunnel was perhaps the largest ever discovered in the area.

It is estimated that this terror tunnel was dug over a period of many months.  “In the tunnel, equipment was found to deal with difficult winter conditions,” the senior level Israeli military official stressed.  “There was equipment there that indicated that if the work had been finished, these tools would not have been found in the tunnel.  We don’t have a doubt that we disturbed them half-way through the job.”

According to the IDF, the discovery of the terror tunnel is a fatal blow to Hamas.  “Tunnels represent the ethos of Hamas and they are the source of much of their operational successes,” the senior level Israeli military official explained.  “The moment that you take three of their tunnels, for a number of months, they will be hit hard.”    

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