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For Anyone Who Wants A Quick Review of the Middle-East Conflict

Thank you for your interest in learning more about the conflict.
To start, I will explain the general conflict and then how it has led to the current situation that is occurring in Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza.

Please watch this 5 minute video, which explains the history of the conflict. The entire video answers many important questions, so make sure to watch all of it! It is important for you to watch this before you move on to the other information that I have posted.

You have probably heard (and if you have not already, you probably will) that the Palestinians are suffering because of the Jews and that the Jews are occupying their territory.

Before I begin, it is important for you to know that:

1.     Israel is the only Democracy in the Middle East, and gives Palestinians and Arabs more freedom than their own countries give them.

2.     The Palestinians are working with Hamas, ONE OF THE WORLD'S LARGEST TERRORIST ORGANIZATIONS. Many Palestinians do want peace and are harmed by Hamas’ presence, however the Palestinian Authority does not care for its people. Unfortunately, they use people as shields and lie to the media about Israel targeting civilians during war when in fact, Israel takes the greatest measures, more than any other army, in order to decrease the number of civilian casualties. Hamas calls for Palestinians to stand on rooftops and in war zones to make it seem that Israel is targeting civilians. Hamas terrorists hide under hospitals because they know that Israel will refrain from blowing up a hospital.

3.     People say that Israel won't set clear boundaries. Well, get the Arabs to come to the table so that a solution can be discussed. Too bad the Arab League decided, "No peace with Israel, no recognition of Israel, no negotiations with Israel."

4.     Not only has Israel attempted to make peace with Palestinians by giving up land (Gaza is an example), it also helps Palestinians and Arabs, by caring for them in Israeli hospitals and giving them equal rights, who (still) call for Israel's destruction.

5.     Many people believe that Israel stole the land they call theirs, but Israel payed for it, developed it (it was desert), and has historical and political ties to the land.

I am posting links for you.
I know that this is a lot of information. I have watered it down as much as I could.
Please let me know if you have questions.

Here is the truth.

1.     There was never a “Palestine”

2.     The West Bank settlements are NOT the real obstacle to peace
(Taken from StandWithUs):
If settlements were the obstacle, we would have had peace long ago. The real obstacle is Palestinian refusal to accept a Jewish state within any borders, as reflected in Palestinian leaders’ statements and in Palestinian media. Indeed, there were no settlements when Palestinian violence against Jews began in 1920 or when violence escalated into wars and terrorism between 1948 and 1967. When Israel evacuated all settlements in Gaza
in 2005, terrorism and hostility escalated. When Israel offered to dismantle West Bank settlements for peace
in 2000 and 2008, Palestinian leaders said no. The controversy about settlements is a symptom, not a
cause, of the conflict, which is rooted in Palestinian rejectionism. When Palestinians return to the negotiating table in good faith, settlements, which comprise less than 2 percent of West Bank land, and other outstanding issues can be resolved.

3.     The establishment of Israel has NOT done an injustice to the Palestinians
(Taken from StandWithUs):
The only grave injustice was the one Palestinian leaders inflicted on Israel and their own people. Instead of accepting the territorial compromise the UN recommended in 1947, Palestinian and Arab leaders launched a genocidal war to seize the whole territory. They refused to recognize that Jews had any rights to the land, refused any compromises that would allow both peoples to fulfill their national aspirations,
and refused to accept the existence of a Jewish state, no matter how small. Far from being an injustice, the UN Partition Plan of 1947 offered historical justice
to the Jewish people and justice to Palestinian Arabs, who were offered the opportunity to create the first Palestinian Arab state in history. The Palestinians’ ongoing rejectionism and violence were, and continue to be, an injustice to Israelis and Palestinians alike.

4.     Israel wants peace and has given the Palestinians MANY opportunities
Over the past 80 years, Israel has repeatedly shown its willingness to make territorial compromises and accept a two-state solution—in 1937, 1947, 1979, 2000, and 2008—but Palestinian and other Arab leaders have repeatedly said no. They have rejected any Jewish state, no matter how small its territory, and tried to destroy it through wars and terrorism. Palestinian Arabs must begin to say yes to peace and agree to compromises that will fulfill the national aspirations of both peoples.


Last week, three Israeli teenagers- EyalGiladNaftali-were kidnapped and killed by Hamas terrorists. These boys were not soldiers and were not posing a threat to anybody. They were simply making their way home. Israel is now carrying out its Operation protective Edge in Gaza- where it must fight Hamas, who is targeting Israeli civilians day in and day out with rockets, and is putting Palestinian lives in danger.

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