Thursday, October 23, 2014

Demand Washington get tough on Hamas.

An email I received from the Israel project:

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Today we mourn for Chaya.
Yesterday Chaya Zissel Braun was killed in her stroller in Jerusalem.
A Hamas terrorist plowed his car into a train stop and cut Chaya’s life short.
Chaya was just three months old. Chaya was an American citizen.
Chaya’s not the only American Hamas has murdered. Since the end of spring, Hamas terrorists have killed four American citizens.
And still, Washington continues to support the Palestinian Fatah-Hamas unity government — even after American citizens are murdered in the streets by Hamas terrorists.
Either Hamas turns over those who ordered, abetted, knew of, or participated in the murders of American citizens — or Washington must stop support of the Fatah-Hamas unity government.
We can't let this killing go unanswered — please, add your name and ensure Washington hears our message.
Thank you for taking a stand.
The Israel Project

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