Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What's With the Fence?

Source: Camera On Campus

Many claim that its purpose is to separate, harass, or isolate Palestinians . . .

Running more or less along the borders of the West Bank, Israel's security fence is meant to do just what its name states—provide security for the people of Israel. The security fence has one goal: To deter, and, it is hoped, prevent terrorists living in the West Bank from infiltrating Israel and harming or killing Israeli citizens. 

  • Since its completion, suicide bombings in Israel have become a rare occurance. This is despite the fact that 40% of Palestinian Muslims support suicide bombings.
  • Israel's security fences along the Gaza Strip, Egyptian border and West Bank have helped to drastically limit the success of terrorism, drug smuggling, and other crime.
  • Many countries have put up border fences along their borders such as the United States and India. Having a border crossing where people are checked [or a checkpoint] is also standard practice.

    Above: A typical section of the security fence. Source: IDF
  • Israel has changed the location of the border fence in areas in which the Supreme Court has ruled that there could be a better location that will impede less on the lives of people in the area.
  • The route of the border fence is based on what would be the best from a defense perspective.
  • Less than five percent of the fence is made of concrete. This was done to protect civilians from sniper fire. The majority is either chain link or barb wire.
Above: How the concrete section of the barrier protects civilians from snipers. Source: Jewish Virtual Library.

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